My name is Arjan Ramaker, I am the father of two beautiful sons, and live with my dear wife in Almelo.
The journey of my mission started in 2004 when I heard about Biodanza on a birthday; my ears pricked up, what was this about, I wanted to know more about it! At the Contemporary Festival in Vierhouten I was able to experience Biodanza for the first time and very soon I knew “This is my way, the personal road that I want to follow.” Many years with beautiful hours of dance experience have brought me where I now am.
A Biodanza teacher and tutor at the school for Biodanza in Antwerp Belgium under the direction of Annette Heynderickx, I now follow the didactic training at the model school for Biodanza in Milan. There were originally two Model schools in the world, one in Milan and one in Chile. They were examples of schools closest to the origins, and constantly under the supervision of Professor Rolando Toro himself. This was until his death. These two schools were an important orientation for all the Schools of Biodanza in the world.